Thursday 19th April - 'The Anger Of Angels'


Date: Thursday 19th April

Time: 7.30 p.m.

Venue: Constitutional Club
Company: Bury Theatre Workshop (

Tickets can be obtained via our website or can be bought on the door.

Ticket prices: £8 adult ticket and £5 for students and for under 25’s. We will produce a free programme to hand out on the night.

What if you visit your sister in her nunnery and you suddenly perform a miracle you weren't aware of, witnessed by all its residents? Then it triggers yet more impossible events, that make you and everyone else doubt your sanity and yet you stay sane; are you just having a bad day or is it now normal to encounter a vast and terrifying Angel ?

The Anger of Angels, a one act play by John Goldman  suggests that Angels come in many shapes and sizes - and one or two of them, we all might wish to avoid if possible.

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