Saturday 6th April
Sex, Death & A Cheesecake

Oakes Barn, Bury St Edmunds
Entry £5 (including booking fee)

A stand up comedy show about the last few years of Magenta’s life. Talking about her experience of being transgender, an apocalyptic situation blocking her from her cheesecake as well as erotic jelly Babies, a dodgy man in a pub and an evil cat.

Suitable for ages 14+


“This is show that she has taken two years to write in which she takes you on a journey with her through her social ineptness and lack of filter leading to being in many situations she should have learnt to avoid. A near miss ritualistic killing in Leicester Square, and an apocalypse style cheesecake scenario, to name but a few. Then touching upon being Transgender for a moment and what that’s been like before hitting the heavy topics. By heavy topics she of course means love, sex and death. The last half of the show sees her talking about the worst thing she has ever said to a partner during sex as well as her issues with her partner and relationships. Then we finally hit death and by death we are talking about the death of childhood as she talks about how her and her partner almost went for an abortion and her stockpiling of jokes she could use because she wouldn’t be able to in the moment. Don’t worry though we did give birth to a perfectly healthy evil cat. This might sound like a heavy topic for a comedy show but in Magenta’s hands it just flows and leads the audience to a surreal sweet spot within the darkness that makes it ok.”

Sex Death & A cheesecake Bury.jpg