Enter 'Bury Songwriters Competition' 2019!!!

It's now the 11th anniversary of the Bury Songwriters Competition, which aims to give exposure and a creative outlet for Songwriters and performers in the East Anglia region!

This years competition will take place at The Constitutional Club on the following dates:

  • Heat 1 - Wednesday 3rd April

  • Heat 2 - Wednesday 10th April

  • Heat 3 - Wednesday 17th April

  • Heat 4 - Wednesday 24th April

(Free Entry)

  • THE FINAL - Friday 3rd May

(£5 Entry)


Our judges will be marking 1-10 on the following categories:

  1. Musical and Songwriting Ability

  2. Performance

  3. Innovation/Originality

  4. Marketability

Performance Details/Rules:

  • Each act plays 2 songs on the night.

  • 1 warm up song and 1 competition song.

  • The competition entry song HAS to be the same song in the heat and the final. However they may change the warm up song from the heat to the final.

  • 1 act from each heat will go through to the final.

  • 2 Wildcards will be chosen to go through to the final (Best of the rest).

  • 6 Acts will be on at the final.

  • One Headline act for the final

  • Their will be one headline act for each heat as well.

TO APPLY, FILL OUT THIS FORM HERE: https://goo.gl/forms/dIwAgrzo7QVTP8fa2



Submit your film for 'SUFFOLK PORTRAITS'!

“Suffolk Portraits” explores the subject matters of anything relating to life in Suffolk such as family history, industry, folklore, people, places and culture. As long as it is filmed and set on Suffolk soil anything goes!

We are looking for film makers to create a short film in the documentary genre of up to 5 minutes long.

Film makers can use this film to register their interest and intention to create a film. Once you have committed, you will then have until 14th April to submit the final film which will then go before our selection committee for screening.

We will confirm on April 17th that your film has been selected for potentially two screening on the Fringe Festival:

  • 28th April - The Constitutional Club

  • 30th April - Petrus Wine Bar

Their will also be ongoing opportunities for your film to be screened and for you to gain some more exposure for your production at other events linked with the Fringe Festival as the year goes on.

It is also a great chance to Network and meet other people to share ideas and potentially work with in the future and build up a collective of people to collaborate with.

Submit your film here: https://goo.gl/forms/aZCs5MXZSsYzwRkx2